Training and retraining specialists

Day or evening classes and distance learning: Licenses from the Ministry of Education ( 6987 HTM. 3396 HTM, 4050 HTM, 5324 HTM, 6987HTM, TRAINING: Andrei Pervorodny-Stendall r.n.10846241)

Day or evening classes and distance learning: Licenses from the Ministry of Education  ( 6987 HTM. 3396 HTM, 4050 HTM, 5324 HTM, 6987HTM,  TRAINING:  Andrei Pervorodny-Stendall r.n.10846241)  Training 7 days a week. The practice is not limited. Mode of attendance is free. If the student is employed or engaged in any personal affairs, then student informs the instructor in advance of their schedule to attend classes without explanation of reasons. Classes start on any day and at contract time. The end of training when the student has the skills, specialty and prepared to work effectively in the workplace. Duration of training is not limited, the practice is not limited. After graduation, the student receives a certificate confirming the training in their specialty. If the group is not collected, then learning can be individualized, with the cost of the course not increased. Students who are undergoing training in the specialty, may obtain additional specialty for a small price (example: driver and an electric lift truck) or related specialties.
If possible, we are  employing a student majoring in industrial practice, or paid work, a student is offered a job. Employment opportunities in Estonia and outside Estonia, and generally in countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, England.
Profession in these countries are divided into more narrowly focused, such as forests and erector of scaffolding, the operator of the construction lifts, hydro isolation worker, erector building bars and others. All this may be learnt and the documents could be obtained so far only in Estonian. Documents in other languages coming soon. Make a notarized translation of documents.

There is the possibility of training in all specialties even not mentioned in our list, as outside Estonia specialty can be named differently or classified on any grounds (for example: ventilation equipment installer, installer of waterproofing, metal welder-diver ... ....... and other names.). There is a catalog of specialties outside of Estonia and specialties in demand in reality,data on average wages and benefits.

After graduation, we issue a certificate of course completion in a specialty and can be issued a quality certificate certifying the qualifications of a specialist. Each country has its own approach to quality certificate and the certificate must match the specialist qualification in reality. Few people, from beginners can really prove to be highly qualified for this reason employers are willing to hire a specialist with experience of work (3-5 years) with a degree and you are tested in the work-based exam. If there is no seniority, you actually need to be able to perform well the work of a real trial, not only hands on but also to explain the process to read a drawing and answer technical questions of the employer.
Making paperwork for working outside of Estonia, translations and certified translations (deadline: A week or 2-3 days)
If there are vacancies for the labor practices and the real production work - we help with employment. Information for unemployed! Labour Exchange in Estonia enters into contracts for training only with schools that have won the competition of the state order. Labor exchange doesn't allocate money for individual training of unemployed. People often pin their hopes on the fact that the labor exchange will pay for training in the specialty in any legitimate school. In practice, it is not true.
On 06/01/2011, in Estonia came into force a new one: the Road Traffic Act. In this regard, the drivers of category C or D were able to pass a driving test only to the category of T-tractor, without examination of the theory. We make learning to drive a tractor with a trailer of category T, we will organize the exam in the ARK (ground and in routes).Price negotiated, or 450 euros.    License from the Ministry of Education 5646 HTM.
We have no restrictions on the practice of tracked excavator (Komatsu PC 210, Hitachi ZX200, 21 tons) for telescopic loaders (such as UPITAJA), wheeled excavator (type, Cock,, JCB 3CX; 4CX; Fermec 760 - 860, New Holland LB 110-175, Hidromec), such as dump trucks BOBCAT, Volvo L 120, diesel forklifts up to 4 tonnes and above.
We advise mothers and fathers of adolescent abilities and inclinations in particular specialty. Education in high school does not matter for most of selected trades. Interest in specialty of adolescent may occur during test works under the supervision of a specialist. College students may have to learn a real profession, applied knowledge will be useful while studying at the institute and the organization of production, the organization of the business. Helping you build your business.
You may get ALL Specialized information on the specialty, in section,, EDUCATION, or during real communication, you can see the learning environment and negotiate discounts, installments and benefits!
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