( 3396 HTM, 4050 HTM, 5324 HTM, 6987HTM,  TRAINING:  Andrei Pervorodny-Stendall r.n.10846241)

Tiler (training, installation, final works, including laying on the diagonal), € 550

Painter (preparation of paint, coloring, painting, final works) € 550

Plasterer     550 euros

Bricklayer    550 euros

Concrete worker    550 euros (fitter)


Waterproofing installer    550 euros

SCAFF0LDING operator(60-90 m.)       350 euros- 450 euros

Fitter forest of scaffolding SCAFFOLDING


Carpenter    550 euros

Construction decorator    550 euros

Colorist (mixing colors)    550 euros

PAINTING CARS    550 euros

Crane operator (Self loading and Self unloading)    450 Euro

Base for practice there, the practice is not limited.

Other specialty by appointment.

For professionals with more seniority, specialty, we conduct training and recovery of lost documents, update documents, certificates for working abroad. Notary Public Translations and legalization abroad.

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