SPECIALTIES IN CONSTRUCTION and other specialties:

1.WELDER on metal constructions

Gas welding metal (acetylene-oxygen) 250 euro (the Russian version and the version of the AGO)

Gas cutting of the metal (acetylene-oxygen and propane-oxygen) 350 euros (explanation of plasma metal cutting)

Semi-automatic welding of metal (MIG-MAG), powder or copperplated wire. EUR 450

Electric welding by metal electrode (MMA) 350 euros

Argon-arc welding of metal (TIG). Welding steel and stainless steel 450 euros (rutile refractory electrode of 1.8 mm. Up to 3 mm.)

Soldering copper (steel with copper, brass, bronze, copper, LOC) 350 euros


Welding HORIZONTAL, VERTICAL seam, CEILING seam, PIPE and not turning pipe !!!!!!

Optional free classes on welding copper, welding steel and copper, bronze and brass

for students who train for all types of welding.

Electrodes are from Sweden.


This is particularly important information! Since learning welding pipes (not turning the tube) and ceiling joints, is only in our course without extra charge.

Reading welding blueprints and learning the terminology.

It is possible to cook with a potentiometer.

Electrical security Group 2, 1000 v. annual briefing 20 euros.

Automatic masks for welders. Overalls available. Student needs only shoes and a hats

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